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"From Start to Finish" & "Don't Let Your Rotors and Drums Get Between Anything Else" are Trademarks of Sun Systems Inc.
Sun Tool Co & Speed Pro are Registered Trademarks of  Sun Systems Inc.


Sun Tool Company's high mass, stability augmented, automotive and light truck adapters introduced in 1993 revolutionized the brake lathe industry. And now they just got better! The most technically advanced brake lathe adapters in the world are now available with patented neoprene rubber banded flange plates. Rubber banded flange plates help reduce harmonic vibration and chatter producing a superior micro inch surface finish. And, rubber banded flange plates are easier and safer to handle. Sun Tool Company®.........the largest manufacturer of brake lathe adapters in the United States makes Speed Pro®.........your best brake business investment.

Setting The Standard............................Again !
Designed, Engineered and Manufactured in the U.S.A. Sun Tool Company a Division of Sun Systems Inc. P.O. Box 250 Las Cruces, NM 88004-0250 Telephone 575-523-6116 Fax 575-523-6117 E-mail
• UNIVERSAL Service 99% of all cast hubless rotors, composite rotors and drums in service today.
• VERSATILITY Speed Pro® adapters fit all brake lathes with a one inch arbor.
• PRECISION Guaranteed accuracy to less than 1 one-thousandth of an inch.
• PERFORMANCE Reduce chatter and runout for a professional finish your customers deserve.
• SAVES TIME No Guess Work! No time consuming jaws to adjust. Chuck up difficult rotors in less than 60 seconds.
• SAVES MONEY Pays for itself by eliminating comebacks that cost you money. Maintenance free. No moving parts to bind or get stuck.
• DURABILITY Billet steel, space age CNC technology, and strict quality control assures long service life.
• PROVEN Over 49,000 complete sets manufactured and sold.
Don't let your rotors and drums get between anything else™
From start to finish™
Billet Steel Brake Lathe Adapters